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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I make my office at work warmer? I'm tired of freezing!

Answer: I am not sure how your office is cooled, but usually you can close the register in your office. If that is not possible because it is unadjustable, you may remove the register and restrict or block the air flow with some type of object like a pillow or cloth wadding like a towel. Air can also be diverted in air supply systems with variable pitch dampeners. These are usually manually adjusted just above the register and some are controlled electronically with temperature controls. Usually contacting the maintenance department in your building can help with your comfort needs. Good luck!

Question: I understand that SEER is not the only thing to take into consideration when choosing a new heat pump. EER is possibly more important. What 5-ton unit has the best EER and SEER?

Answer: Good question. Not all 5-ton systems are created equal. When choosing a 5-ton system, you have to consider heat pumps in comparison to straight cooling systems to gas-packaged systems. All manufacturers assemble all these types of systems, but to compare apples-to-apples, you have to start with equal SEER ratings and then you can define who makes the greater EER rated system. Trane has a system with an EER rating of 15.5, but to achieve this, you have to step up to a 17 SEER rating.

Question: Why are SEER ratings important?

Answer: SEER ratings are very important for efficiency identification. SEER stands forSeasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. That means how much energy a system will use in each cooling or heating season; how much energy consumption you can expect during operation of cooling cycles or heating cycles. Heat pumps can be as efficient as a gas furnace in respects to heating BTUs per kilowatt hour of operation, depending on the SEER rating.

Question: What are the benefits of having a service agreement with your company as opposed to just calling for service when a problem arises?

Answer: The advantage to having a service agreement with an air conditioning company is that your air conditioning and heating system is inspected twice yearly. By having your cooling and heating equipment inspected by a qualified and trained technician, you greatly reduce the chances of equipment failure. The trained technician should bring to your attention any component that is in need of replacement therefore eliminating breakdowns during peak demand times for your system. Also, the technician will keep your system clean thereby increasing the life expectancy of your equipment and optimizing your system's SEER rating, saving you money on electricity.

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